Everything You Wanted to Know About American Chocolate Chip Cookies


The American Chocolate Chip Cookie is over 80 years old. But, unlike the anonymous inventors of the most popular US foods, such as a hot dog or milkshake, the name of the creator of one of the most popular delicacies is known for certain. Ruth Wakefield was the manager of the popular Toll House restaurant in Whitman, Massachusetts from 1930 to 1967. She and her husband created chocolate chip cookies in the late 1930s. And in 1938 she published it in her cookbook Tested and True, which was incredibly popular in the United States. 

Created as an addition to ice cream, the chocolate chip cookie quickly became so popular that celebrity host Betty Crocker spoke about it on her radio program. And already in 1939, the Wakefields gave Nestlé the right to use the classic cookie recipe and the name Toll House. The deal was concluded in the amount of $ 1. In return, Mrs. Wakefield received unlimited chocolate for the rest of her life and had the right to directly influence the cookie recipe by advising the company. 

And now, although we know exactly who the author is and when the popular delicacy was “invented”, the question “how?” Remains open. A number of frequently repeated myths have sprung up around the beloved baked goods of millions of Americans and people around the world. The most commonly cited story is that Mrs. Wakefield's kitchen suddenly ran out of nuts for a common ice cream cookie recipe. And she, in despair, replaced them with pieces cut from a bar of milk chocolate.Another, even more incredible story, claims that the vibration of an industrial mixer caused the chocolate stored in the kitchen of Toll House to fall into the cookie dough while kneading. 

But it looks like both stories are fiction ... In The Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie, Caroline Wyman offers a more plausible version of the crumb cookie. The author of the book convinces the reader that Wakefield, with a home art degree and a reputation as a perfectionist, would not have allowed her restaurant to run out of nuts, an important ingredient in many desserts. A plausible explanation is that Wakefield specifically designed the chocolate chip cookie. Be that as it may, neither she nor anyone else could predict that the combination of butter, flour, sugar, nuts and chocolate would become an iconic American food that adults and children adore. 

Mrs. Cookies Wakefield was the perfect antidote to the Great Depression. In one portion, it contained that wealth and the dream of comfort, without which millions of people were forced to live in the late 1930s. The chocolate chip cookies provided a little respite from everyday life. And the entry of the United States into World War II only increased the popularity of sweets. Toll House yummy was a common ingredient in parcels sent to American soldiers overseas. So it became popular far beyond America's borders and overtook the famous American apple pie in the number of lovers. 

In the post-war years, chocolate chip cookies have undergone many changes.All chefs experimented with it, and retail chains began to sell even chilled dough for baking such cookies. It is safe to say that the generation that was later called "baby boomers" grew up on the classic Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies. By the mid-eighties, more than 1,200 shops had opened across the country, selling exclusively chocolate chip cookies. He was adored in Hollywood, the most famous stars of the time were filmed in his advertisements, and the music for the videos was written by world-famous composers. 

American Chocolate Chip Cookies in Ukraine 
American Chocolate Chip Cookies are a popular treat far beyond their homeland. It is loved on all continents, even in Antarctica, where polar explorers bring it as a tasty, healthy and very energetic snack. 

The popularity of classic chocolate biscuits has not been spared either by Ukraine. Millennium repeated both the original recipe and created the author's versions of American chocolate chip cookies.


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