Chocolate in movies and books


Humanity adores chocolate so much that it is not enough just to enjoy its taste; you need to devote books to it and make a film with his participation.  Many meanings conveyed by his divine taste have been poeticized repeatedly.

We decided to remember how it was in the movies, so catch a sweet selection of films about chocolate.

We give the title of the sweetest "Chocolate" - a film that from the first frame makes you plunge into the relationship of the main characters and sweets.  This is the story of how a few chocolates can make a difference.  Well, of course, this is a love story.

 "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
Words are superfluous here, because this is a favorite film of many since childhood.  This movie is worth watching if only because it used about 207,000 gallons of chocolate on the set to create the chocolate river and 38,500 gallons on the waterfall.  And real lollipops!  In the film, they grow directly on trees.

 "Lessons of chocolate"
A pastry chef is not a profession, it is a vocation.  The main characters meet at the candy making lessons and a spark immediately flashes between them.  But not everything is so simple, because he is not who he seems, and she is much more cunning.

 "The fate of the pastry chef"
The two pastry chefs are openly at odds with each other, but the culinary competition changes everything.  They need to join forces to win and create a real masterpiece - Barroso coffee and chocolate cake, the original recipe of which is still kept in the strictest confidence.

 "Romantics Anonymous"
This is perhaps the most gentle French romantic comedy ever.  He is the owner of a chocolate factory, he is afraid of the people around him.  She is a pastry chef who panics and faints at the slightest praise.  What will come of it?  See for yourself!

Cinema fans have pleased with the selection, our book lovers are next.  Happiness is in simple things.  In a bar of chocolate and in a good book.  Especially if this book is about chocolate!

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Let's move on to literature!

Hot Chocolate by Grant Terry
The novel describes the very real everyday life of the chocolate industry.  The book is suitable for lovers of very sweet chocolate bars with various fillings: nuts, raisins, and cookies.  Well, and of course, where can you go without a cup of tea?

Chocolate by Joanne Harris
Mom and daughter open their pastry shop on the eve of Lent in a small town.  How many sweets will need to be made to win the hearts of the city's residents?  How many mysteries to solve?  And how long to wait to meet a man of heart?  You will find answers to all these questions in the book.

 "French Women Don't Steal Chocolate" by Laura Florand
This is a funny and romantic story about an American woman in Paris.  The main character must learn all the secrets of the skill of the famous Parisian chocolatier and not lose her head from feelings.  Paris is a city of love and chocolate.

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