New 2021


For those for whom sweets are never enough.  For those who are used to pampering themselves with chocolate every day.  And for those who will definitely not stick together.  We are launching 2 new items weighing 1.1 kg - milk and dark chocolate "Millennium" with whole hazelnuts.

Although, the word "chocolate" is not quite suitable for a kilogram of pleasure.  The dimensions of these tiles are like a chocolate giant!  We guarantee you will definitely get a gigantic pleasure, but first find the strength to break off a piece.

Sweet tooth, we have specially made it so that on the store shelves you will definitely see this new product.  Moreover, from afar!  Premium packaging that you want to hold in your hands, a window where you can see hazelnuts ... Speaking of hazelnuts, it occupies 30% of the tile.  We would have done more, but it would no longer be chocolate with hazelnuts, but hazelnuts in chocolate.  We take this idea into account and move on to the advantages of the new product from "Millennium".

Firstly, you want to give such a chocolate bar.  Relatives, loved ones or a friend with a good figure ... And why not?  The packaging conquers with its design.

Secondly, such a chocolate bar is definitely not for one evening, but only if you do not eat it with your girlfriends at a bachelorette party.  Here it is better to take 2.

Thirdly, which sweet tooth would be against receiving such a chocolate bar as a gift?  Spoiler alert: none.  Chocolate is a universal gift, the main thing is to choose it taking into account the preferences of the person.

Fourth, take a look at this window with nuts.  Whole, roasted hazelnut kernels melt in quality black and milk chocolate.  So it beckons.

Just imagine: the aroma of freshly ground coffee, relatives are preparing breakfast, and you break it off ... Break it off ... Break it off!  A piece of chocolate for dessert!  Ideally!

This chocolate bar can be presented to the boss to appease a little.  You can give such a chocolate to your sympathy, so that you can accurately capture the seriousness of your intentions.  And, in the end, you can give yourself such a chocolate bar, because you are worth its size!

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