New trend: pink chocolate


Today, the huge variety of sweets, especially chocolate, is simply amazing. Among the assortment of Millennium you can find chocolates with fruit and berry flavors, with nuts and various fillings. For a second, it may seem that true connoisseurs of chocolate will no longer be surprised. However, have you ever tasted pink chocolate? 
Discreet and elegant packaging with dainty gold letters and an image of a piece of chocolate of an unusual color. Such a design instantly attracts the eye and makes you take the tile and examine it closer. Delicate pink shades match perfectly with gold embossing. This is the kind of chocolate that is incredibly pleasant to buy both for yourself and for a gift: 
Millennium Rose White Chocolate 

Pulling sweet pleasure from an attractive package, you can feel the subtle aroma of delicate vanilla and juicy raspberries. The chocolate itself is no less beautiful than its packaging - twelve perfect pieces. So easy and convenient to break off, besides, the chocolate does not melt in your hands. 
However, the most important feature is, of course, the color. Thanks to a patented recipe that Millennium chocolatiers worked on and natural dyes containing freeze-dried raspberries, they managed to achieve an extraordinary shade. Pink is a new trend in chocolate. 
Now for the fun part, what does pink chocolate taste like? Delicate notes of sweet white chocolate, together with vanilla, turn into a light raspberry flavor. And these are exactly the features that fall in love from the first piece.
In order to feel real pleasure - you don't need much, try Millennium Rose and dive into delight! Give yourself an unprecedented pleasure or surprise your loved ones, choose Millennium. 
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