MaxxVital dietary supplement for your nervous system
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Vitamins Groups are involved in a number of vital biochemical processes in the body and provide normal activity of the s
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 MaxxVital dietary supplement - for your immunity
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Complex ascorbic acid + routine: affects the course of oxidation-reducing processes of the organism; inhibits th
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Dietary supplements: vitamins and minerals for women and men 
Macro and micronutrients: what are they? 

Nutrients or nutrients are divided into macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients). Every day a person should consume an appropriate amount of them: the daily requirement is individual and depends on a number of factors: age, gender, weight, lifestyle, physical activity, etc. 
Most nutrients are not synthesized by the body on its own, but only with food. However, the required amount of nutrients cannot always be provided in sufficient quantities through the consumption of food, because the diet of a modern person is characterized by an insufficient content of them, and excessive consumption of harmful elements (simple carbohydrates, animal fats, table salt) provokes the development of various diseases. { {1}} 
In parallel, there are a number of factors due to which there may be a failure in the absorption of vitamins and minerals, or the daily requirement for vitamins and minerals increases significantly: 
 ● chronic diseases; 
 ● significant physical activity; 
 ● overwork and stress; 
 ● pregnancy, etc. {{1 }} 
What are dietary supplements or dietary supplements used for? 
A dietary supplement or dietary supplement is a natural or identical natural dietary supplement that is included as part of food or is intended to be consumed simultaneously with food. Supplements are believed to compensate for nutritional deficiencies in the body. A striking example of dietary supplements is vitamin and mineral complexes.
Vitamins and minerals: their importance for the body 
How deficiency and excess of vitamins and minerals lead to functional disorders organs and systems. Signs of the corresponding violations are: 
 ● dry skin; 
 ● rashes on the body; 
 ● hair loss; {{ 1}} 
 ● brittle nails; 
 ● irritability; 
 ● decreased immunity; 
 ● fatigue and feeling unwell; 
 ● exacerbation of chronic diseases, etc. 
Appropriate dietary supplements containing potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, vitamins of group B, magnesium B6 and many others, developed specifically for the prevention and treatment of these disorders. 
Development of appropriate complexes (vitamins for vision, vitamins for immunity, vitamins for pregnant women, for skin, for nails, for sleep, etc.) is aimed at solving a number of specific tasks: preventing the development of unwanted symptoms or replenishing the deficiency of a particular nutrient in the body. 
MaxxVital Diet Supplements 
MaxxVital has developed a range of dietary supplements to address specific needs. adach: 
 ● mineral and vitamin complex containing zinc and biotin for healthy skin, hair and nails; 
 ● dietary supplement "Vitamin C 500" (ascorbic acid) 
 ● dietary supplement with vitamin C and routine to strengthen the immune system; 
 ● dietary supplement with B vitamins for the health of the nervous system

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