Chocolates in boxes

Chocolates in boxes

A box of chocolate candies is a classic gift for any holiday, a perfect way to express gratitude or just uplift some relative.

The range of Millennium gives an opportunity to choose the most suitable present to any taste and occasion!

Chocolates MILLENNIUM Basket Mix 220g
76.02 грн (Wholesale)
83.62 грн (Retail)
In Stock
Millennium Chocolates "Basket" are designed for those who can not decide on their favorite taste. With assorted in a box
Total price 83.62 грн

Chocolates MILLENNIUM Truff Mix 180g
70.38 грн (Wholesale)
77.42 грн (Retail)
Out Of Stock
If you sin sweet, then exquisitely. Sweets Millennium Assorted Truff are created according to the classic French recipe.
Total price 77.42 грн

Millennium "Coctail Candy" candies 170g
49.62 грн (Wholesale)
54.58 грн (Retail)
In Stock
Coctail Candy candies 
Total price 54.58 грн

76.02 грн (Wholesale)
83.62 грн (Retail)
Out Of Stock
Pineapple, mandarin and apricots in milk and dark chocolate
Total price 83.62 грн

Millennium OCEAN  STORIES Chocolates with Nut Praline 170g
55.20 грн (Wholesale)
60.72 грн (Retail)
In Stock
Each chocolate shell in the Millennium Ocean Story box is unique thanks to marbled chocolate, which creates a special pa
Total price 60.72 грн

Millennium OCEAN STORIES Chocolates with Nut Praline 340g
103.98 грн (Wholesale)
114.38 грн (Retail)
In Stock
Exclusive production technology makes every chocolate shell in the Millennium Ocean Story box voluminous. And thanks to
Total price 114.38 грн

 Chocolates MILLENNIUM RIVIERA Mix 125g
46.38 грн (Wholesale)
51.02 грн (Retail)
In Stock
Immerse yourself in the romance of the French Riviera with a head, after tasting the chocolate assortment Millennium "Ri
Total price 51.02 грн

Chocolates FRUITS IN CHOCOLATE Mix 150g
54.42 грн (Wholesale)
59.86 грн (Retail)
In Stock
To plunge into the sweet summer memories together with the Millennium chocolates assorted “Fruits in Chocolate” is too s
Total price 59.86 грн

Millennium Box of Chocolate Candies is the Best Way to Express Your Feelings

If you want to show your warm feelings, or to make a pleasant surprise, buy chocolates in a box from Millennium and you will not be mistaken! It doesn’t matter what type of sweets you choose - fruits in chocolate or assorted milk and dark chocolate, those to whom you give them will be touched for pleasant and sweet moments in their life.

The luxury of flavors in chocolates

The proposed selection of chocolates is rich and incredibly delicious. It is designed for every taste and mood. And you cannot be afraid to indulge your desires. In the assortment of the Millennium factory there are boxes of chocolates of different weights - 100 grams and above. And the larger the size, the longer will be the time of pleasure from sweets. In addition, the candies in the sets have an exquisite taste that will give incredible pleasure to fans of this treat, loved by millions of people. For example, “Fruit in Chocolate Collection” is an incredible delicate and rich taste of tangerines and apricots in milk and dark chocolate. Such sweets will certainly please girls. A set of Millennium sweets Asorti Truff will enchant you with the exquisite taste of truffles in milk, black and white chocolate. It will be a great present for colleagues' anniversary or professional holiday.

To buy chocolates in a Millennium box means to make a gift with taste

The Millennium Box of Chocolate Candies is the perfect gift idea to express your gratitude or to celebrate your anniversary. Stylish sets of sweets with different tastes will become the decoration of the festive table or the perfect complement as the gift. And there is no doubt that sweets will delight true connoisseurs. The confectionery factory Millennium in the matter of product quality, never compromises. It uses only the best ingredients from trusted suppliers. Chocolates are made and packaged in accordance with the most modern norms, standards. At Millennium, they strive to make their customers happy. Therefore, make every effort so that every candy and every box are brought to perfection. And we can guarantee that you will receive the perfect gift for your holiday event or special occasion. After all, the collection of chocolates in boxes is designed for any occasion. And the factory took care not only about the impeccable taste of sweets, but also about their design. The stylish design of the boxes, made in an elegant color scheme, only emphasizes the sophistication of the sweets that are inside.

Create a festive mood for your loved ones - give presents with Millennium. You can buy chocolates in boxes by wholesale on the mutually beneficial conditions.

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