Dried cranberries Healthy Fruit 120g
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There are never too many cranberries, especially so delicious! Dried Activita cranberries are always on guard for your b
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Mix of nuts and fruits Healthy mix 120g
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Healthy mix is ​​your vitamin piggy bank in a modern format. Hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, candied pineapple, cranberries
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Dried cranberries Healthy Fruit 30g
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Activita with dried cranberries is a combination of vitamins and minerals for beauty and immunity support in a comfortab
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Mix of nuts  Healthy mix
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Need to recharge quickly? Not a problem! Healthy mix of selected almonds and hazelnuts is not just a tasty snack, but yo
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Mix of nuts and fruit Healthy mix
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The secret of a healthy snack is simple: take cranberries, raisins, fried hazelnuts and almonds, mix and pour into a sti
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Nuts and dried fruits

Nuts - Fruits of plants - the general category of food products with high calorie content - a source of tissue and a number of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fats (60-70%), proteins, amino acids, etc.).  Each kind of nuts is a unique combination of the latter:

 ● cedar nuts contain vitamin E and amino acid arginine;
 ● Almonds - protein, calcium and vitamin E;
 ● Cashew - iron, copper, zinc;
 ● hazelnut - useful fats, protein, cobalt, iron, potassium;
 ● Greek nuts - vitamins C, e, in, useful fats.

Studies show [1], if you add to a diet only 30 g of nutries per day - the risks of development of diseases of the cardiovascular system will decrease by 30%.  Nuts regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood, take part in the regulation of blood pressure, strengthen the bone tissue, immune and nervous system.

Dried fruits are dried fruits and berries: due to loss of moisture, their sugar content (4-5 times) increases, and therefore caloric.  Dried fruits are rich in fiber (nutritional fibers are useful for gastrointestinal tract) and nutrients (vitamins, macro- and microelements).  They are used in unchanged form or added to finished dishes, cooked compotes.

Cranberry dried - a source of antioxidants.  The pineapple candy improves the work of the thyroid gland, useful in arthritis and thrombophlebitis.  Raisins (dried grapes) are rich in Vitamins Group B, organic acids, potassium, magnesium, boron.

Raisins improve the quality and number of breast milk, so they are recommended to use babes babies.  These dried fruits will help overcome fatigue and insomnia, strengthen the nervous, immune and bone system, heart muscle.

Dried Cranberry - a source of vitamins and trace elements for pregnant women

Dried Cranberry is recommended for use during pregnancy.  Cranberry for pregnant women:

 ● for the prevention of hypovitaminoses;
 ● Improves the cardiovascular system;
 ● normalizes pressure;
 ● strengthens immunity;
 ● soothes;
 ● is a prophylactic agent from cystitis, pyelonephritis and varicots;
 ● allows you to reduce the edema of the body (in particular leg edema);
 ● regulates the metabolic processes of folic acid;
 ● for the prevention of dental diseases.

Cranberries during pregnancy improves appetite and work of the gastrointestinal tract, helps to fight the manifestations of heartburn, facilitates the symptoms of toxicosis.

The dried cranberry does not yield dried in a content of useful substances and differs only by the method of preparation.

A mixture of nuts and dried fruits for travel

A set of nuts and dried fruits is an integral part of a healthy eating.

Healthy Mix offers ready-to-use sets that are convenient to take on the road.  Bars or packets-sets will not take a lot of space in the pumps and will be useful when the hunters.

A mixture of nuts is a calorie source for every day.

Quick snack - a useful snack?

 - Can a quick snack to be useful?
 - Yes, maybe!

Battle with nuts, or a ball with a cranberry Healthy Mix - a useful alternative to fast snacks.  Mixes of nuts and dried fruits - source of force and energy for the whole day.

Quickly snack is just with Healthy Mix.

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