Chocolate for Kids

Chocolate for Kids

Delights in boxes that are printed with beloved cartoon characters have become favorite among children. Loose candies and chocolates from the Disney collection (Lyubimov Kids) bring not only satisfaction by its taste, though also provoke kids’ imagination to recollect adventures of favorite characters. 

Official licenses and international certificates of Minions, Trolls, Penguins of Madagascar confirm the safety and quality of chocolates for children.

Chocolate "Lubimov Kids" milk with milk filling 12,5г
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Milk Chocolate LUBIMOV KIDS with milk filling 50g
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Milk Chocolate LUBIMOV KIDS with milk filling g 100g
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Aerated Milk Chocolate LUBIMOV KIDS Caramel & Crunch 32g
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Millennium Chocolate for Kids- a tasty and healthy delicacy for boys and girls

It's no secret that children like chocolate, and the fun and colorful sweets from the Kids' Favorite collection will make them jump for joy. Choose sweets, bars with images of your favorite cartoon characters to please your son or daughter.

Children's chocolate "Lyubimov Kids" is made with special love. Its taste is delicate and soft, with milk or yogurt filling, and will give incomparable pleasure. And the vivid images of the cartoon characters Minions, Penguins of Madagascar will remind you of joyful moments and make your child smile.

In the assortment of the confectionery factory Millennium there are goodies for everyone - for kids and adolescents who will certainly make a smile and make them happy. Chocolate is made from high-quality ingredients, in accordance with international standards, as evidenced by certificates, and the quality of products is guaranteed by an official license. Therefore, caring parents do not need to worry about the safety and quality of sweets from the Millennium brand.

What is the useful of baby chocolate

Chocolate doesn't just taste great. It is also useful for children. From improving vision to preventing memory loss, and more, chocolate has incredible qualities. Of course, in everything you need to know the measure and pamper the children you need reasonably. Dark chocolate is filled with soluble fiber and many essential minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium and copper. It is also an excellent source of energy, and a moderate amount of it will be useful for the child.

If a child has problems with math homework, chocolate may be the solution to his problem. Chocolate contains flavanols, which increase blood flow to the brain. Studies have shown that they have a positive effect on math skills. Students who drank chocolate while solving math problems felt less tired and performed tasks more accurately than others.

Chocolate for children will also help them deal with stress. Modern children are also stressed, suffer from daily routine and a small piece of chocolate can help the child relax. In addition, chocolate helps fight heart disease. All the same flavonoids, are antioxidants, help improve heart health.

You can buy children's chocolate "Lyubimov Kids" to please your child in bulk on favorable terms.

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