What chocolate to give for Halloween? 3 freaking great ideas


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On Halloween or, as this holiday is called, All Saints' Eve, it is customary to give sweets. But children and adults like dark and milk chocolate the most. And if it is not only tasty but also useful, because it is made in compliance with all technologies, then there is nothing to say here. You have to taste it!

Very soon, one of the scariest and at the same time the most beloved of children's holidays (let's be honest, it's not just children, right?) will be All Saints' Day, aka Halloween. So! Many do not want to accept this celebration in our country, believing that it is foreign. However, the children liked the holiday and are looking forward to it.

Together with their parents, they carve a pumpkin Jack, decorate rooms with cobwebs and related paraphernalia, and prepare incredible costumes and bags to collect chocolates in exchange for not scaring passers-by or neighbours. Even on this holiday, it is customary to arrange parties and family gatherings at the festive table, which is based on terribly cute themed dishes and, of course, delicious sweet gifts for everyone.

But what sweets to prepare for the little ones and not quite? Here are some great ideas.

Terribly delicious dark and milk chocolate for Halloween

You can buy candies in bulk and please everyone with kilograms of delicious sweets. But no one will refuse a bar of chocolate. And if this chocolate is made from high-quality cocoa with compliance with all technologies, then it is also useful.

Stopped your choice of Millennium chocolates? You did not miss it. After all, there is one more important advantage of such a decision: by buying chocolate in bulk on our website, you can save a lot.

For example, milk chocolate in bars "Millennium Very Peri" or porous milk chocolate "Millennium Air" is suitable for milk chocolate lovers. Milk chocolate seems too sweet and you want a richer taste?
Millennium's Favorite dark chocolate is for you. For those who prefer chocolate with fillings and cannot imagine a day without nuts, there are chocolate bars with hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, and cranberries... Even for those who like to experiment with chocolate flavours, we have created the most interesting combinations. This is chocolate with salted caramel, pieces of cheesecake, and crunches, even with the orange peel!

Incredibly healthy chocolate for children

Of course, it is not worth offering chocolate with various additives to children. Therefore, children's chocolate was created for them, which you can safely present to them on Halloween (provided that the child is not allergic to cocoa). These are chocolates from the Lyubimov Kids series, in which delicate milk chocolate is combined with the most delicious milk filling. The only downside is that after seeing your favourite characters on the chocolate labels, you and your child will have to re-watch the cartoon about the sock. Well, what if you already know it by heart? The child likes him.

Awfully beautiful craft chocolate

If you need to surprise someone, we suggest presenting Millennium Craft Series chocolate on All Saints' Day. 8 incredible combinations of milk or dark chocolate with various fillings in the craft chocolate of this series - it is something extremely beautiful and incredibly tasty. Just a whisper: hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, cornflower petals, chocolate crunches... Everything! It is impossible to stop. I want to try again and again.

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