How to choose vitamins for immunity? 5 Recommendations from MaxxVital


Insufficient vitamins are the usual problem of our body in spring.  And it is not surprising that we, girls, often at this time we feel not entirely well: the hair dumps, the nails become brittle, the skin leaves much to be better, and even the mood with immunity is supplied.  How to cope with that?  Listen to effective advice.

In the spring, more than ever, our body requires increased attention.  And now we are not talking about the fact that in preparation for the summer it is worth thinking about weight loss or pulling out forms to look attractive in short dresses, shorts or swimsuit.  In addition to these problems, each beauty has another no less important that needs to be solved faster - an increase in the content of vitamins in the body for a good form and, of course, strong immunity.  What kind of vitamins are required now for women?  What to choose among a large number of proposals?  Here are the recommendations from Maxxvital.

1. carefully look at yourself

How often you did not look at yourself in the mirror, now you need to inspect yourself especially picky.  What is it for?  To determine what is really lacking your body.  And only after thinking about what to do next is what to change in your life, but perhaps you should add.

The first to lack vitamins and nutrients in the body always reacts the skin.  If she lost her radiance, became dry or, maybe, on the contrary, it became a fat, less elastic, began to disturb light irritation, then these are the first signals about the spring avitaminosis.  And it is with the first manifestations of this easily with ease of dietary supplements MAXXVITAL.

Next, pay attention to your hair and nails.  Hair after soldered up with caps and hats, look very not attractive?  The tips were cross, they became brittle and dull, dandruff appeared?  And if the appearance of the nails spoil the mood, then this is exactly the reason to start acting immediately and change its diet, filling it with the products rich with the useful substances.

Do not forget about the spring weakening of the body after stress, which often appears at the end of the tightening winter, severe mental activity, overwork, diseases, and even bad news.  All this is immediately reflected not only on the mood, but also on the inner component of us, which also exhausted stocks accumulated to cold weather.  What to do?  Go to the next item of recommendations.

2. Add vitamin C

Remember how we said that the first to the lack of vitamins in the body reacts the skin?  So, it is the lack of vitamin C causes the symptoms listed above.  Doctors, nutritiologists and scientists in this case are unanimous, noting: in the spring it is worth paying attention to the replenishment of ascorbic acid.

This water-soluble vitamin falls into our body only with food, and itself is not synthesized.  Yes, it is a lot in vegetables and fruits.  But the trouble is that thermal treatment is categorically contraindicated ascorbing: it is destroyed under the action of high temperatures.  And in fresher products in the products that spring waited, vitamin C remains not so much.  By the way, the daily rate of ascorbine consumption is 50-100 mg, and the reserves are not created.  Therefore, it is worth taking care that ascorbic acid in the desired quantity came regularly.  There is an option to remember the champion products for the content of this nutrient.  But it is difficult to imagine a person who every day eats 300 grams of fresh black currant or raspberry, drinks 0.5 liters of rosehip or eats 1 pc.  Big Bulgarian pepper.  A rather strange diet, right?  And about the side effects of such a single power supply should not be forgotten.  But there is a way out!

Dietary Supplement Maxxvital Vitamin C 500

Regular use of the dietary supplement MAXXVITAL Vitamin C 500 is not only the beauty of the skin, but also an improvement in the work of the immune system, the absorption of iron (do not forget about spring anemia), strengthening and restoring vessels, bones.  And these are not all bonuses from the use of ascorbic acid.  Thanks to her, blood supply is improved in the vessels, especially in the skin of the head, which, in turn, helps to strengthen the hair lows, which is the best prevention of hair loss.  And let's talk about the beauty of the hair further.

3. Strengthen hair and nails

Beautiful hair shiny wave falls on the shoulders, strong smooth nails without a single stain ... Isn't a dream?  No, this is a reality, if there is enough such nutrients in your body as zinc and biotin.  Yes, yes, the same zinc that is necessary for the immune system to combat viruses is also responsible for our maiden beauty.  But not one, but in the complex with vitamin N (it is also called vitamin B7), that is, biotin, without which collagen is not synthesized and zinc is not absorbed, and the actively involved in the antioxidant processes and the assimilation of the other vitamins we need: fat-soluble A and E  . And if the biotin of our body needs not so much, then zinc will need much more, because by the number of trace elements in the human body he occupies an honorable 2nd place after iron.

I would like to note that most of all the lack of zinc causes an irregularly formed diet - a decrease in the use of animal products, since the meat is most of all this nutrient in the form that is easier to digested by our organism.

And what about biotin?  Its proper amount is no less important for us.  It takes an active part in the strength and beauty of hair, as well as nails.  And also responsible for the prevention of skin rashes, the appearance of dandruff and dry skin.  It plays an important role in the proper operation of the organism metabolic system.  And again: its deficiency in the body most often arises due to the wrong formed diet.  Most biotin in products such as liver, kidney, yeast, fresh tomatoes, spinach (not often they are in the female diet, aren't it?).

And here, too, about us, beauties, took care of  MAXXVITAL, creating his product.

Dietary supplement MaxxVital for your hair and nails

Additive biotin + zinc helps stimulation of skin regeneration and takes an active part in the exchange of substances in it, contributes to the improvement of its structure.  Also positively affects the health of the hair and strengthening the nails.  And, of course, the best affects the work of the immune system, which today is equally important.  And this can be achieved, only taking one tablet per day, without worrying about where to find the necessary products, and how much time to lose to prepare the necessary dishes, even if they are not in taste.

4. We care about immunity

The benefits of vitamin C to strengthen the immunity have already been written quite a few.  It is known that it is a fairly powerful antioxidant, which is capable of blocking the negative effects of free radicals, activate the production of antibodies, interferon, slows down the development of allergic reactions and inflammatory processes.  But one of this vitamin is completely insufficient.  Especially in this difficult viral period.  In a complex with vitamin P (rutin), which is also an effective antioxidant, ascorbic acid creates a powerful duet.  He:

Helps the body is faster to recover, fighting viruses and bacteria, and also split and withdraw their livelihoods (after all, they make the greatest harm for diseases);
improves the work of the thyroid gland;
strengthens the vessels, making them less permeable and brittle;
Regulates blood pressure.
Rutin is enough in such products like raspberry, fresh black currant, walnuts, lemons.  In minor quantity it is in parsley, leaf salad, buckwheat, cabbage, tomatoes.  But, unfortunately, this wonderful pair of vitamins C and P is particularly effectively working if it enters the body together, that is, in a biological additive.  This was how Maxxvital created.

Dietary supplement MAXXVITAL - for your immunity

It is proved by scientists that ascorbic acid enhances the work of the body's immune system, actively counteracting infectious diseases and coping with fatigue.  But in the complex with routine, its protective functions increase significantly.  Just only 1 tablets per day of this vitamin complex and immunity will be grateful to such support.  You can buy these vitamins by reference above.

5. Soothing

 "Strong nerves - good health!"  This is not just known to each phraseology, but really proven fact, and therefore you need to take care of your calm.  Especially now, in the spring, when the body is difficult to depart after winter frosts, mental load, which presses not good news on us, experiences for the health of relatives, etc.  Permanent stress is immediately reflected in female appearance: the skin loses its elasticity, the hair dumps, health begins to bring in the most inopportune moment ...

You can try not to be nervous while holding back in difficult hours, calm and relax with various psychological techniques, meditations, etc.  But if the body has an insufficient number of group vitamins, important to raise

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