How to make tasty and healthy cocoa?


With the onset of cold weather, and especially in the autumn-winter period, we recall a drink that can easily replace both coffee and tea. Today we'll talk about cocoa.
For some, cocoa is associated with childhood, for some it is a must-have attribute on a rainy autumn day, but for us it is a delicacy that each time nourishes with warmth and charges with a good mood.

First, let's figure out what is the difference between cocoa and hot chocolate - many people confuse these two drinks.
Cocoa is made from cocoa powder, sugar and milk. Also, you can add various spices or vanilla to it. Hot chocolate is melted hard chocolate with cream or milk. The cocoa has a thinner consistency, but the “right” hot chocolate should be thick.
So, we talked about the differences, now we will discuss the benefits of cocoa as a drink for every day.

In addition to its delicate taste and chocolate aroma, cocoa has an amazing composition, which includes more than 300 nutrients. Cocoa contains vegetable protein, fats, carbohydrates, organic acids, beta-carotene, sucrose, and vitamins of group B, A, PP, E, minerals: calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, zinc, copper, fluorine, iron. Most people associate cocoa with the fall-winter period, but melanin, which is part of cocoa, is able to protect the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. 

Thus, a cup of flavored cocoa is especially relevant in the summer when solar activity is at its peak. It should be understood that this refers to natural and high quality cocoa powder. On our website you can buy “Chockolatier” dark Dutch cocoa powder, which is ideal for making your favorite drink.

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