Can I give my child chocolate?


When a child's tiny hand reaches for the chocolate candy, one mother will simply remain silent and help unpack the sweet, while the other, on the contrary, will say “no” and hide the cherished chocolate bar on the highest shelf in the kitchen. So which of them will be right? At what age can a child be given chocolate? How is it useful for little sweet tooths? We will be happy to answer these questions, read on.

Everything is good that in moderation

It should be noted that chocolate has a stimulating effect. We are confident that everyone who has ever tasted chocolate has felt a surge of energy in the body. This is the merit of theobromine, a substance that has similar properties to caffeine. Getting into the body of a child or an adult, theobromine has an exciting effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. If a child eats a lot of chocolate, this negatively affects his body.

When can you give a chocolate treat to try?

Doctors are of the opinion that chocolate should not be introduced to babies until 1.5 years old, but it is better to wait until 3 years old. Parents should take into account the fact that chocolate affects the child's body and in large quantities can cause allergic reactions and tooth decay.

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