Buvette Water - The Best Solution for Quenching Summer Thirst


Water is the only reliable way to fully recharge the body's water balance and quench thirst, especially in summer.

Why is drinking Buvette water so important? Because a person is on average 75% made up of water. When our body is short of water, blood thickens and blood pressure rises. That is why it is so important to maintain a normal drinking regime - 8 glasses of water per day.

Here are some tips to help you avoid dehydration in summer.

First of all, choose the drinks that you like. These can be Buvette mineral water with or without gas or Buvette Vitamin Water with taste:
cucumber and kiwi;
grapefruit and rosemary;
blackcurrant and mint;
apricots, figs and aloe vera.

A number of studies have shown that we are more willing to consume tasteful water. That's why try and choose your favourite taste of Buvette Vitamin Water.
Besides, the caloric value is reduced!

And for those who can't imagine their life without carbonated beverages, we offer the Buvette Vital collection of natural mineral water with new refreshing tastes:
cucumber and mint.

To drink more water, keep a bottle of water or your favourite drink on your desk, in your bag or anywhere else where it will constantly remind you to drink.

We recommend that you keep your drinks at moderate temperatures, because the moderate (not too low or not too high) temperature of the drink makes it easier for us to drink many times more.

Choose drinks that suit your level of physical activity and lifestyle and calculate your daily consumption rate. It depends on your level of exercise and activity. Scientists have found out that an adult man loses on average 3.7 litres of water during the day, while a woman loses 2.7 litres of water, so the same amount of drinking is needed.

We all know that the lack of drinking water leads to dehydration of the body. And the dehydrated body can not fully cleanse the organs from harmful substances and toxins, they enter the blood and it inevitably affects the skin. The skin becomes pale, flaky, with a earthy tint, there are flaws on the face.

Buvette water is three new unique types of water from artesian springs. This is why you will find both therapeutic and table water as well as everyday drinks for children and adults.
We advise you to try Buvette Healthy Tea collection of non-carbonated soft drinks:
green tea with lemongrass;
white tea with apricot and tangerine;
caddy-based tea with cranberry and mint;
Cardadium tea with rose, lemon and ginger.

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