Chocolate covered fruits are exactly what you need in summer!


As soon as summer opens its doors to fruit and berry paradise, we immediately run to enjoy our favorite fruits. However, there is something that can not only complement their taste, but also reveal in a new way. We're talking about chocolate! 
Combining the benefits of fruit with the unique taste of chocolate is a real pleasure. Therefore, we decided to share with you incredibly delicious sweets, based on fruits and berries, so that you can find your own taste of summer. 
For lovers of tropical and exotic fruits: 

Millennium Sweets Chocolate Covered Tropical Fruits Assorted 
Juicy pineapples and tangerines, ripe orange apricots are dipped in milk and dark chocolate to create something incredibly bright. Don't notice how quickly the candies run out. 

Millennium candies "Fruit in chocolate »Assorted 
Exotic figs and pineapple with sweet apricots, tangerines, plums and strawberries, which have merged into one symphony with white, milk and dark chocolate. An option for those who want to feel the whole gustatory palette of unique fruits. 
For Berry lovers: 
Millennium Golden Nut White Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Cranberries 
Not everyone loves white chocolate, but you haven't tried it with cranberries and hazelnuts yet ... Feel the new taste. 

Chocolate Rose Millennium Fruits & Nuts with almonds, hazelnuts, berries and raisins 
Unique the manufacturing technology made it possible to make the pink chocolate separately envelop each nut and create a special pattern. Berries, hazelnuts, almonds and raisins occupy 30% of the tile and create an unusual taste. Chocolate can be found in maxi format for real sweet tooth, also in updated, convenient packaging. -yagodami-i-izyumom-80g 
Millennium black chocolate with cherries 
Not a single fan of sweets has remained indifferent to cherries in dark chocolate. Even those who rarely enjoy chocolate love this combination. 
For lovers of citrus flavor : 
MILLENNIUM dark chocolate with lemon filling and cheesecake 
The combination of dark chocolate with lemon and cheesecake is truly an art. Without many words. Try this chocolate in its original packaging. 
Millennium Favorite Black Chocolate with Orange

For true connoisseurs of dark chocolate with 74% cocoa and orange content. This combination can definitely take a special place in your heart. 
Milk chocolate " Millennium Mousse "with mousse and orange filling 
Delicate chocolate and filling melt in your mouth. Before you know it, the chocolate bar will dissolve into your “Mmm ...How delicious! ” 
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