What to give for your birthday?


Endless "surfing" on google to find a gift for your beloved woman, beloved man, or child, advice from friends, what is the best gift for your birthday and a trip to all the shopping centers of the city. 
Birthday happens only once a year and every time you choose a gift - a whole quest, even if you know the birthday person for more than a dozen years.  
We have compiled a list of cool gifts from Millennium that you can give for your birthday. Be inspired by our ideas and give love to your family. 
What to give a woman? 
 "Lubimov" sweets will not leave indifferent any girl in the world and her heart will melt, like these candies in the sun. Delicate, nutty praline in the shape of a heart will help express your love instead of a thousand words. An ideal gift not only for birthday but also for Valentine's Day to confess your feelings. 

Millennium Pink Chocolate 
Women really love creative and unusual gifts. You can hardly surprise it with an ordinary bar of chocolate with nuts, but with pink chocolate ... Beautiful packaging, delicate pink color and interesting taste! She will definitely remember such a gift and treat her friends. 
Millennium Luxury Truffle sweets 
If we have already started talking about creative gifts, we cannot but recall these sweets. These are not the usual truffles that we are used to seeing on supermarket shelves.Among the flavors in a bright box: ripe cherries, sweet strawberries, aromatic rum, milk yogurt and fresh basil, and all this explosion of flavors under milk chocolate. She has definitely not tried such candies yet. 
And what to give a man? 
Millennium milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts 
The elegant packaging of chocolate will please even the most discreet men. But, most importantly, this gift will last until the next birthday, because there is more than 1 kg of milk chocolate with hazelnuts in the bar. Not only try it yourself, but treat all guests as well! Bingo! 

Millennium Favorite Chocolate 
A cool addition to a gift in the form of a delicious chocolate bar in an elegant package. Refined taste for real refined men. He will remember such a gift for a long time 

What will kids like? 
Milk chocolate "Lyubimov Kids" with milk filling 
Children will definitely appreciate their favorite heroes and delicate milk filling in milk chocolate! The minions on the wrapper will immediately grab attention, and other gifts will not be so interesting anymore. 
“Lubimov Kids” aerated milk chocolate “Caramel & Crunch” 
New bars from Millenium will not leave indifferent any child: caramel and crunchy covered with milk chocolate - just a sweet explosion ! 

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