The pride of the chocolate factory “Millennium” are brands that have long been loved by consumers: “Millennium”, “Lyubimov”, “Oskar le Grand”, “Lyubimov Kids”

We have been making chocolates, bars, cookies, sweets for children, natural cocoa, dragees and many other delicious chocolates with love for over 20 years. So, you want to eat and present our sweets, you want to enjoy them to the last bite, they bring pleasure and create a holiday.
Chocolate for special moments - that is about Lyubimov, because stylish and romantic sweets are the perfect gift for loved ones. A wide assortment from Lyubimov is able to satisfy the demands of the most exacting fans of sweets, chocolate bars, bars and dragees. Choose a sweet gift for your loved ones.
What do Minions, Winx and Trolls have in common? If you see them on bright packages of sweets, chocolates and bars from Liubimov Kids, then you can be sure that your baby will enjoy delicate milk chocolate. Favorite cartoon characters and delicious chocolate - what else do you need to be happy?
You don't need to look for the perfect gift for true judges of gourmet desserts - it's in front of you. Delicate original French truffles that melt in your mouth, made according to a special recipe from quality ingredients. Oskar le grand sweets are a real gastronomic pleasure.
Chocolatier sweets are not only an occasion to please yourself and loved ones with exquisite sweets, but also a great opportunity to try to cook them yourself. High-quality confectionery glaze and cocoa powder will be useful to you, because with them your confectionery masterpieces will reach a new level.
A magic  evening, what is it like? Calm, quiet and in the company of your favorite dessert.I would like to enjoy it in silence and not share it with anyone, because this is a sweet gift for myself after a working day. 
Mineral water can look stylish, especially when the bottle is made of glass. The exquisite bottle design will not leave you indifferent. Buvette Lux is your loyal companion for every day: benefit, quality and balance in one line.
Buvette water has three different unique varieties of artesian spring water. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, medical dining room, filled with juice or simply still - no matter which water you choose, it is created on the basis of water purified by nature itself. Everyone will find their water in the Buvette range.
Orange, lemon, tropical fruit, pomegranate, cherry and many more flavors can be found in IFresh drinks. Discover truly delicious juice drinks that you love from the first sip. Quenches thirst, refreshes and restores moisture balance.
The modern rhythm of life is frantic and we need to adapt. The reserve of strength and energy is quickly depleted, but just a few sips can make a difference. The BLACK CAT non-alcoholic energy drink is your energy boost for the whole day. Recharge and renew your energies when needed.
Legenda drinks are made on the basis of natural artesian water. Orange, apple with echinacea, lemonade and baikal are classic drinks that everyone likes. The unique taste will give true pleasure and awaken the feeling that comes from childhood, and after the first bottle, each of these tastes will be included in the category of your favorites.
Dragee BOOM CHOC is created for those moments when you want something sweet, chocolate and crunchy at the same time. Flavored peanuts, sweet raisins, crunchy rice crunches or marmalade? You should choose the filling, but be careful, the dragee is so tasty that you won't be able to not eat the entire package.
Salty snacks in the studio! For a break from the sweet peanut dragee, try BOOM NUT. First you need to decide what you want the most: peanuts or pistachios? If peanuts, then choose the taste, and if pistachios - then enjoy the classic taste. Ideal for a group of friends.
Dietary supplement MaxxVital is the choice of people who look after their health. MaxxVital will take care of your immunity, health of hair and nails, nervous system, muscles and eyes, as well as restore the vitality of the body. Each complex is enriched with appropriate microelements.
Activita is your healthy snack in the form of your favorite nuts and dried fruits in a convenient and stylish package. The benefits of nuts and dried fruits are invaluable, so they should definitely be included in your daily diet, because they saturate the body with nutrients, vital elements and minerals in their natural form.
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